Months before I turned 65 a friend and I attended an informational seminar Harvey held at the library titled Navigating Medicare: Basics and Choices. I thought Medicare was complicated and I wanted to make sure I was making the right decisions. When it was time to enroll, Harvey walked me through all my options in a way that was easy to understand. I feel good about my coverage and I know I can contact Harve whenever I have a question.  
- Tim, Cadillac

 My wife and I came into Harve’s office during AEP last fall to see if we should choose new MAPD plans for this year. Harve represents all the MAPD plans available in this area, so if there was a better one, he could sell it to us. He carefully looked over what we currently had, taking into account our prescription medications, and told us we were “exactly where you should be and that we should NOT make any changes”. We couldn’t believe he didn’t try to sell us something. For sure, he’s “our guy” going forward!  
- Paul, Cadillac

 During this frightening Covid-19 Pandemic it was time for me to retire and go on Medicare. My Doctor referred me to Harvey, saying “he’s a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent”. We had some preliminary communications by phone and email and then he set up a video conference in which he shared his screen and I could see everything he was discussing and doing. I am totally confident now that my wife and I are in the best MedSupp and Prescription Drug plans for us. Thanks so much, Harve!  
- Brock, Reed City